Baltimore Skateboarding Examiner

Introduction to Charm City skateboarding

Introductions are fun. They can also be awkward. Same goes for first kisses too, so pucker up butter cup this here introduction’s gonna be a sweet one. One to remember, one to maybe shatter a few stereotypes. I am a pretty straight forward guy but I realize on this post I can’t speak they way I would with my friends when we are taking a break from skating in a parking lot, because yeah at thirty four years old I still go skate with kids in dirty filthy Baltimore parking lots. The only difference now is that I have my family with me, yes including my wife. Yeah, I bring my wife and my children out with me to loiter in a parking lot, to get harrassed by the cops, or nearly killed by people who almost hit us on purpose and yell “SKATE OR DIE”( real big in the eighties). Or the worst thing we are subjected to is the occassional tough guy. The guy looking for a fight and thinks that little skateboarders would be a real easy target to push around. Not always the case, especially when your thirty four still rolling around!

Fights, cops, people trying to run you over, what a lifestyle! You have to be a real scumbag to sign up for that, dirty skateboarder rolling around in a parking lot for fun. To drag your family into that, eeehhhh. Well to tell you the truth I am a well respected (I hope) businessman and member of the communitty. I have received several awards from the mayor for my work with kids, I have worked tirelessly to promote Baltimore and it’s huge pool of talent that make up this amazing skate scene we have built and when the papers are doing an article or the TV crews need someone, I’m proud to say they call on me! Its really weird when I go to the gas station or Im at the bank and people tell me they saw me on TV. They see the business man that works eighty hours a week and still tries to spend time with his wife and kids. Or that guy who was on the television praising Bucky or working AST to help bring millions of tourist dollars to Baltimore. But no matter what I look like on TV or in the paper in my heart I will always be a dirty skateboarder rolling around a parking lot having the time of my life. Please to meet you.

As the Baltimore Skateboarding Examiner I will uncover the mysteries of skateboarding, and try to keep you up to date.

Here I am legally skateboarding in Baltimore’s beautiful inner harbor right next to the very controversial steps where Officer Riveri allegedly man-handled that kid on YouTube. I’ll talk about that in a future post and recap for those who live under a rock, dude.

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