The Reality of Bob’s Premiere

The Reality of Bob is…. that he is one of the gnarliest humans to ever step on a skateboard. From winning his first North American pro contest (Slam City) in 96’, to looping a full pipe…. to his latest act of insanity…the corkscrew, Bob has cemented his name in the ranks of skateboard legends.

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Bob shows off every aspect of his craziness in “The Reality Of Bob”, his first biographical documentary. Producer, Jamie Mosberg (The End, Milk, Whiskey) does and amazing job of capturing the adventures of Bob on both film and Video. This video goes beyond just showing Bob on a skateboard. It covers his interest in saving the planet, flying planes, nighttime B.A.S.E jumping and farming.

On Nov 12th Bob premiered his movie at the LaPaloma Theatre in Encinitas Ca. to a crowd of fans. There were tons of kids, as well as industry folk and a crew of rabid Burnqiust fans. There were raffles, a showing of the newest 411 VM and Q and A with Bob, where he hinted at a Mega Ramp jump onto a rainbow rail into THE GRAND CANYON! This might explain Bob recent interest in perfecting his B.A.S.E. jumping skills.

Brian Patch shows Bob some midwest gang signs.

Fellow vert pro’s Plg and Jake Brown came out to show support.

Reategui, Kotter, Duncan and Patch

The Santos family