Ben Harper Lewis Marnell Tribute

Many are still mourning over the tragic loss of skateboarder, husband, and all-around amazing human being, Lewis Marnell. The tragedy left the Marnell family in a heavy financial struggle. A handful of fundraisers have formed to help support the family and friends of Lewis during these terrible times, including this one, involving musician Ben Harper and his former band, The Innocent Criminals. Marnell had left his guitar in the states at his friend Luis Cruz’s house so he had a guitar to play when he was out here. Luis, being friends with Ben Harper, thought it would be amazing to have Ben record a song using Lewis’s guitar. Watch the video below from the recording session that went down, and find out what you can do to help! Download the song, share it everywhere, and spread the love that Lewis would’ve wanted us all the spread!

And if you haven’t, be sure to check out Lewis’s R.I.P. page in our current issue, with words from James Craig.