Benji Galloway

Where are you from?
North Augusta, South Carolina

What was it like growing up in the South?
Sweet Tea, Pine Trees and church on Sundays.and on Wednesdays. We had bible study at my house.

Who were the guys that you grew up skating with?
Joel Mealing, Mike Greer, Brian Howard and Anthony furlong

Where do you live currently?
In a basement in Portland

What brought you up to Portland?
Bacon skateboards and naturally the terrain.
I was talking to Sage the other week and he was telling me about the 18
parks that are being or going to be built in the Portland area. If Pier Park
is an example of what they are building it is insanity, where will they go
next?…. I want to be there to skate all of it.

What do you think makes Bacon different from the other skate companies out there?

Colin and Ethan