Best of 2010 Stereo Remix

Change is not always for the better, but this year the changes at Stereo are not only good, they’re great. New year, new attitude, new goals, and new kick ass distribution.

The last few years we’ve scrambled to fill the world of the interweb with weekly videos via our Agency Thursdays. And now we’re laying the set weekly programming to rest. Reason being, we are turning our focus to an actual Stereo video for the next year.

But fear not, we will still be delivering you edits, commercials, and all the fine content you viewed in ’09-’10; we will just be doing it at a pace that suits the upcoming Stereo video.

In the meantime enjoy this Best of 2010 edit. And afterward, take a deep breath, get off the computer, and go skateboarding…we know we will!

Thanks for the support,

Chris P