Best of 2010 with Louie Barletta

FS Wallride shot by Wes Tonascia

Favorite video part:
Heath, Stay Gold. I watch it every day before I go and skate. That song is so haunting, and Heath is so death defying. Perfect combo.

The Smiths, Strangeways Here We Come. Album of the year by default. I’m just lazy and that’s the only CD that’s been in my truck, and radio sucks.

Outkast, “Hey Ya.” Started out as a joke, now the joke’s on me!

Fantastic Mr. Fox. Best DVD purchase of the year.

Event in skateboarding:
Street skating around in Berlin and randomly running into an old roommate I haven’t seen in years.

New pro:
John Motta. I accidentally drank his bird to death 10 years ago. Dunno, thought he could handle his liquor. Sorry again, John.

New Am:
Ben Raemers.