Skateboarder Magazine’s Best of 2011: Brandon Westgate

Emerica hit it hard in the new year with the release of Brandon’s first pro shoe and the video that coincided with its release. After his Stay Gold part which was incredible, it would have been easy for Westgate to phone it in with a 10 trick part or just dip into his B-Roll for footage. Instead he took a few trips out to Cali and elsewhere, tore San Francisco a new rectal hole, and knocked it out of the fucking park.

Then came his B-Sides, full of heavy slams, and more gnarly shit that somehow didn’t make it into his part. And then came his X Games Real Street part, his Epicly Later’d and random other flutterings of photos and videos from the Beast from the East. The dude killed it through and through all year round, and with a new Emerica video in the works, he’s sure to keep it going as he has thus far.

Guys like Westgate reassure that there will always be a breed of guys out there who are down for destruction just for the sake of doing it. It’s no frills, fast, burly shit. I mean the dude pushes downhill. That’s commendable in itself.

Words: Senrud