Best of: UCI Hubba

The University of California Irvine has some of skateboarding’s most legendary spots. Walking through the campus is like visiting a museum dedicated to skateboarding’s gnarliest. Among all the spots that have come and gone at this center of higher education, the hubba ledge stands out as a testament to the courageous. The enormous wall of concrete gradually descending 10 stairs was standing tall during the late ’90s and early 2000s. Heath Kirchart could have received a degree from UCI for the amount of time he spent at the Univesity. He was the first to skate the hubba and the one who helped move skateboarding in the direction of making these monumental structures possible. Andrew Reynolds, Chad Fernandez, Jaime Thomas, Erik Ellington and Brian Anderson also attacked the concrete, each leaving their individual mark with their out standout tricks there.

Unfortunately, the infamous ledge is no longer skateable and hasn’t seen action in several years. Leo Romero sought out the campus like many before him for our latest cover and chose a similar hubba with a very limited run up just around the corner from the great, white behemoth Heath and the others made their marks on years prior. Leo took one push and added another trick to the history books.

Below we have assembled some of the most memorable tricks done down the UCI Hubba featuring Heath Kirchart, Jaime Thomas, Chad Fernandez, Jaime Thomas, Erik Ellington and Brian Anderson. And remember, “most memorable” doesn’t mean “every trick ever done.”

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