Black Math Horsemen’s Wyllt

Somehow we lucked out and started getting new releases from Teepee Records, home to bands such as Ancestors, Witchcraft, High on Fire and Brian Jonestown Massacre amongst others. We get some real garbage sent to us from other labels who want to infiltrate the ears of skateboarders. That is not the case with teepee and definitely not the case with Black Math Horsemen’s newest release, entitled Wyllt.

Wyllt is a dark, psychadelic record that would appeal to fans of Dead Meadow or Black Mountain and though the whole album clocks in at just under 38 minutes, it offers more than enough trippy riffs and haunting vocals to keep the album in constant rotation. Wyllt hits shelves April 21st, so if you’re not too braindead from the day before head down to your local record shop and pick up a copy.

For more more information and to hear the song “Tyrant” off Wyllt, visit the following:

Black Math Horsemen at Teepee Records
Black Math Horsemen Myspace

For a more official band write up:

A crack in the firmament, a rustling in the pines. The forest