Bondo Introduces New Single-Use Tub with Skaters in Mind

In a somewhat ingenius move by 3M, the makers of everybody’s favorite crack-filler and spot-fixer, they’ve introduced new single-use tubs with skateboarders in mind. No long will you have to lug large tubs along to the session to fix up a small crack. Instead, you can bring along this 6 oz. tub, repair and throw away the container.

Here’s what their press release had to say:

As you may know, 3M’s Bondo Body Filler has become a staple in the skateboarding community over the last few years. With its ability to turn a rigid, concrete space into an impromptu skate park, and a cracked board into a reinvigorated one, Bondo is a popular part of the skateboarding culture for professionals and amateurs alike.

Now, 3M has developed an even easier way for boarders to fill in those problem areas for a more enjoyable skating experience. In addition to its quick and easy application, Bondo is now available in a single use, six-ounce tub, making it friendlier for those who want that perfect skateboarding experience at a moment’s notice.

Whether it’s a sidewalk crack, an uneven ledge or a broken board, 3M’s Bondo Body Filler Single Use is the most effective way to fill in and solve those potential hazards. Check out the official Bondo Web site for further information on the new product.