Brian Delatorre Welcome to Habitat Video and Exclusive Interview

Brian's on the right
Photo: Mehring
Words: Senrud

Brian Delatorre’s name has been chirped for quite a while in talks about underrated skaters out there. Guys who always seem to be crushing it just out of the limelight. Sponsored, but still having to find the time to lay it down in between shifts at part-time jobs. With his addition to the Habitat Board and Footwear programs, I’d say those days are all but done, and I for one am glad. I’ve only had brief encounters with De La when I’ve been out East, but every time has been a good one. He’s a humble, hardworking sumbitch and I’m glad Habitat’s decided to give him a chance. Let’s hear what he has to say about it.

How’d you end up on Habitat?
I was camping in Cape Cod and a friend hit me up and was like, “Hey someone’s looking for you, I heard through the grapevine.” Then I got a text from a 415 number. It was Brennan [Conroy, Habitat team manager] and he was just like, “Hey, what’s the deal, are you still riding for Cons?” And I wasn’t. I was getting Vans from Dewitt. And he was like, “Oh perfect, because this is the deal: shoes and boards.” I was kind of skeptical at first because I wanted to do something with Nick and Rob at Think, just with a super fresh start with the changes that went down over there. But a good friend looking out for me encouraged me to make the change.

So you’re officially on the shoe and board program?
That’s the deal.

Delatorre Welcomed to Habitat


Do you think adding you to the team is a small return to the OG Habitat days of having a strong East Coast presence?
I think its about even. Half the team is from the west and the other half from the East.

Did an acoustic guitar show up with your first box?
Hahaha! Nah.

Are you getting a pro board?
I’m just getting on for now and working my way from there, but Brennan did mention that because he’d heard Think was going to give me a board in the next couple months. But gotta pay those dues.

How do you feel about being on the same team as your doppelganger, Guru Khalsa?
It’s actually kind of crazy. Everything’s sort of come full circle. We were on the same team years back, and it’s weird to be standing next to each other. I kind of feel like I should get a haircut. Chop the man-bun off.

You should play a game of SKATE and whoever loses has to chop off the locks.
That would actually be the game right there, but I don’t know if Guru would follow through, man. He’s Sikh, and that’s a big no-no.

That’s true. Are you polishing up on your comebacks for the lookalike jokes for future interviews?
Yeah, I’m just gonna go along with it. I got called Guru last week by this kid at a skate shop. At this point its pretty common.

Have you met everyone on the team before or will there be some new introductions?
I pretty much know everyone now.

Is it a big change from team to team or pretty normal?
It’s kind of surreal. Ever since I was a little kid, I always felt the vibe over there at the Sect. People would always say like, “Think, yeah…I don’t really see you being on there much longer.” I was down for Think, but people would ask me where else I’d maybe want to be and I’d always say Stereo or Habitat, but that always seemed kind of outlandish. But it worked out. New beginnings. It’s a great way to start the summer.

Are you working on a video or anything with them?
A welcome video is in the works. I’ve been hurt for six months after that MIA part, so I was just working mass during the winter. We had such a brutal winter that I didn’t really skate much because it was snowing every week. Now I’m just playing catch up. It’s super chill. It’s hot out, we got a dope crew, my homie Ryan G. from Florida’s in town, and we’re having mass fun out here. I’m stoked.

What’s your favorite part from a Habitat video?
Danny Renaud, Mosiac.

So what do you have in store for the rest of the year now that you’re officially on?
Just skating and hopefully a bit of traveling.

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