Back To The Banks Results

The Back to the Banks contest at the Brooklyn Banks went off Saturday afternoon. Back to the Banks is strictly New York style: a little chaos, a lotta class, and lotta cash. Five thousand dollars to be exact. Doled out in one-dallor bills to five different winners. New obstacles were bult by Dan Pensyl for the day, to be left on site for the skaters from all over the world who skate the banks regularly.

On the first obstacle, a double ledge at the top of the main bank, Zared Bassett killed it with a front 5-0 to backside revert and a frontside nose blunt slide across the upper ledge, and took home a cool thousand.

Next up was the wallride, on the pillar of the bridge on the bank, and 5Boro rider Jimmy McDonald killed with more tricks than I can name.

Next was the deadly Banks rail…Ryan Bobier and Jake Donelly split the $1000 in half–Bobier with a front blunt to fakie and Jake with a kickflip frontboard. The last obstacle was the marble kicker, complete with a new wedge at the bottom, and Vermont’s Colin Hale took top honors from a hungry young Chris Mead with all sorts of tricks, including a buttery huge nollie flip.

The final $1000 went to the only skater who skater well in all four best trick contests–Matt Allen. He got top 6 in every area, including a second and a couple of thirds.

After the contest,l the banks were once again cleaned up and returned to the skaters of the world. It cannot be ignored that the Back to the Banks Contest #2 would not have been possible with the tireless efforts of Steve Rodriguez. He’s truly the guardian of the banks, and over the last few years he’s the guy who almost single-handedly got the city of New York to make the Brooklyn Banks a legit skate spot, in the city’s Department of Parks and Recreation.

Besides Steve and the crew at 5Boro, the folks at Emerica Footwear, Volcom Stone, and Skateboarder Magazine all helped with planning and organizing the contest. Red Bull stepped up big with the prize money and more, and Spitfire once again printed up a limited batch of Brookloyn Banks Wheels–demand ’em at your local skatehsop now. Skateboarder Magazine will have all the coverage comin’ at you soon. Stay tuned for round three!