Bringin’ It To The Streets

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On Sunday July 9th Underworld, Nike SB, C1rca, Fallen, Ipath and Solo mobile
threw a street competition called “Bringin It To The Streets”. The format for
the skate contest was as follows, we preselected 4 different street spots and gave the skaters 20 minutes to
skate each of them, all the spots were judged individualy and the sums of $400.00 were handed out before moving on to the next spot.

There wasn’t really any 1st 2nd or 3rd to this comp and almost everyone got money, so here are some of the

Location #1 hot spot ledges, sponsored by Nike SB

Ted Degros – nollie tail fs flip out, kickflip front tail, front blunt Pop out
Paul Trep – switch flip front nose slide
Ryan Bonnell – backside kickflip nose grind, kickflip back tail
Micky Papa – nollie heel front nose


Location #2 Victory square 8, sponsored by Ipath

Paul Trep – nollie backside kickflip
Micky Papa – nollie heel, heel
Stacy Gabriel – backside bigspin
Spencer Hamilton – switch kickflip
Kyle Desaulniers – frontside flip

Victory square flat bar

Magnus Hanson – nose grind pop out, back smith, kickflip backside 50-50
Scott Descenzo – back feeble backside 180 out, front hurricane,
Kyle Desaulniers – frontboard kickflip out
scott dailey – backside 50-50 transfer crook


Location #3 new spot over the rail, sponsored by Fallen

Paul Trep – switch kickflip, backside bigspin
ryan Descenzo switch front heel, frontside flip
Ian Twa – backside kickflip
steve denham – ollie late shuv
Ted Degros – nollie back heel the bench on flat ! !


Location #4 CIBC handrail, sponsored by C1rca

Ryan Descenzo – kickflip crook, kickflip backside 50-50
Magnus Hanson – front shuv backside 50-50
Paul Trep – switch front 5-0
Ian Twa – Switch front board, kickflip front board
Andreas Tsougriavis – back bigspin front board
Scott Daily – Hurricane Grind

The competition turned out to be a success, we only had a few run ins with security, spectators got too see some ganrly street skating first hand, most skaters left with some extra dough in their pocket, and everyone was stoked. A big thanks goes out to all off the sponsors and people who made this event possible, C1rca, Nike sb, Ipath, Fallen, Solo Mobile, Underworld skateshop, Jarvis Nigelsky, Cyrus Thiedike, Brian Caissie
and Alex Bastide.

See you next year ?