Bum Rush The Spot – Delaware

Joel Meinholz, with the help of Kinetic Skate Shop, Vans and Rob Williams of Pusher Wheels managed to bring a Bum Rush the Spot event to Wilmington Delaware on June 17th, Father’s Day. Bum Rush the Spot is a renegade skate jam in which anybody ripping gets hooked up with gear from Domestics, Diamond Supply, Bones, Theories, Indy, Hopps, I Am Your Villain and Pusher Wheels. This Delaware edition saw a ton of cameo appearances by skaters like Mike Maldonado, Jahmal Williams, Zach Lyons, Mark Del Negro, Steve Brandi, Ki Realer, John Tuck, Brannon John, Dylan Goldberger, Pat Smith and a lot more and turned into an awesome time.