Viewfinder | Butteryass Donovan

1. Mo and I went to ASR for the first time when he was 15 and I was 18, I think. It was just before Forecast came out. He and I were too young to go to bars or anywhere, so we stayed in our 25th floor room at the Hyatt zooming into the hotel windows across from ours filming girls changing. We’d count what floor they were on, run over there and slip a note sayin, “You’re hot, come to room 256” under their door. Now that I think about it, that’s f**kin’ creepy, [laughs].

2. The first and only time I skated a pool. A cop saw us hop the fence. I did one kickturn and got a $650 ticket. I talked them down to $200 in court, but forgot to pay it for six months so it ended up bein’ $600 anyways. My bad.

3. Kellen quite possibly might be the most productive skater I’ve met. He can log more bangers in a week than most get in a month. Natural on tha board and humble. Kellen is killin’ it right now, hands down.

4. Sk8Mafia is the illest. Here’s Larelle gettin tabletopped over Smolik like it’s junior high all over again. I’m down wit them fo life, cuz nothin’ else matters than havin’ fun when you roll wit tha Mafia.

5. This is Jon, aka Regular Ass Dude Alaska, the unsung hero of Buttery Ass Mondays on He’s been tha filmer since day one. He has no filming experience, so it’s dope as hell how the shots come out raw. He’s always mobbin around wit me at odd hours of the night gettin it done jus for the fun of it. He’s ill.