Antiheros Anonymous Hotline

This commercial is a big part of why Anti-Hero is undeniably one of the sickest brands in skateboarding. All these web videos, 30 second park clips and whatever else that flood our news feed daily are cool, but it’s stuff like this that makes us laugh and remember that there is sometimes more to skateboarding than actually skateboarding. Just have fun!

Do you control your skateboarding, or does it control you? Skateboarding addiction is a disease that can be cured! Call our hotline today and tell us your story: (424) 704-1818. The caller we believe is in most need for our help will receive an An Antiheros Anonymous care package sent to their home to get started with treatment ASAP. **Antiheros Anonymous is not responsible for any other addictions or self-destructive actions that might arise from not skateboarding… And remember, you can beat this – One sesh at a time” -Antiheros Anonymous