CCS Interviews Ty Evans, Lance and BA

Lance Mountain cannot be stopped. The man’s been in this thing since the g’damned 70’s, surviving industry pitfalls, trends and everything else that comes with the territory, only to come out swinging today, skating harder and better than ever.

CCS caught up with Lance to talk about the demise of The Firm, his emergence on Flip, art, pools, his favorite era in skateboarding and plenty more. Have a read, and get acquainted with one of the all-time greats.

The new BA OG Stencil Series from Girl Skateboards has arrived at CCS. And if the “BA” part didn’t clue you in, the entire series was hand painted by CCS & Girl Rider Brian Anderson, all done by painting upon a giant canvas.

CCS caught up with Brian as he made his way through New York’s Central Park to talk about how the idea came about, the unique creation process, his new home and more.

In the world of modern day skate video production, anything from Girl and Chocolate has long stood out as, quite simply, the best of the best.

From the teams collective talent, to the high caliber of filming, editing and all-around visual presentation, it goes without saying that Girl and Chocolate video’s exist in an exceptional league of their own.

The lensman and creative backbone behind each video is none other than the legendary Ty Evans. His resume of films speak for themselves. Feedback, The Reason, Hot Chocolate, Yeah Right and Fully Flared, to name just a few. Each and everyone are undeniably classic, utilizing innovative use of the camera, inspired skits, visual effects, and not to mention, a roster of serious heavy-hitters. The upcoming Girl/Chocolate video is hands down, the most anticipated video in skateboarding right now.

CCS caught up with Ty to talk about the progress of the film, the burn-out effect that Fully Flared induced, Ty’s plaguing injuries, filming from a wheelchair and much more. Have a read as Ty breaks it all down alongside some behind-the-scenes shots.