Tum Yeto Geos to China

TumYeto riders Don Nguyen, Corey Duffel, and Matt Ball. With guest friend and Stereo rider, Dyson Ramones!

What for: Grand opening/demo/contest at Switch Plaza. Also a skatepark and skateshop!

Where: ShenZhen, Shanghai, and Hong Kong!

With 8 days of expected rain out of the 10 days we were supposed to be in China, the Nuge, Corey, and Matt were preparing themselves for a wet trip. The Skateboard Mag photographer, Rodent, decided to go at the last minute, in hopes of shooting an article. But the main purpose of the trip was to skate a demo for a shop called “Switch” and attached to this shop was a new skatepark they named “Switch Plaza.” Along with Dyson Ramones, the TumYeto team totally put on an “eye opening” show for hundreds of Chinese skaters and residents! Posters of the TumYeto team were posted everywhere in this town! The demo was also a “grand opening” for skatepark.

Signing boards for the Switch demo

The Switch Plaza demo. Needless to say, the demo went very well, and the turnout was amazing!

We spent most of our time in ShenZhen but got the chance to fly to Shanghai for three days to skate the “world’s largest skatepark!” (We had just missed fellow Foundation rider, Angel Ramirez by a day because we flew back to ShenZhen the day he skated the world’s largest park… Angel’s out in China with Vans currently).

This was the view from the “World’s largest skatepark” in Shanghai!

Corey, the Nuge, and Matt Ball put on a show for the people of China at every skate spot we went to. People would gather to watch the guys skate for hours, as if they had no plans of their own for the day.

Good friends

Our tour guide Andrew was the best. He arranged for us to have drivers that would take us around to anywhere we wanted to go! Driving was crazy in China (now we fully understand why Asians are so bad at driving)! You would give a little honk and then make your turn, no matter what lane you were in. For example, we made a right turn from the far left lane once. Grandma’s on bikes, scooters, and motorcycles everywhere. We even saw bicycles on the freeway! The smog in China was so thick it made you too full to eat. Speaking of which… the TumTeto gang ate: Crocodile brain soup, alligators, all sorts of snakes, snakeskin, roasted pig face, all kinds of seafood, and who knows what else. We all witnessed dog meat hanging in market windows along with rabbits, too! No joke.

Corey, the Nuge, and Matt killed it in China! Due to the unexpected good weather that we had, Rodent managed to shoot a lot of skate photos on our ten day visit. The guys totally shot enough photos for an eight to ten page article. So keep your eyes out for that!
With so many spots still left in China, you can count on TumYeto visiting this country a second time. Security guards and police officers sit and watch as you skate the spots here!