Chromeball Interview With Tim O’Connor

One of our favorite skate sites out there chromeballincident has a fantastic interview with the one and only Tim O’Connor. Start your weekend off with this great interview.

Alright Tim, I guess we should start off with what everybody’s buzzing about: Rob Dyrdek’s reclamation of the Alien Workshop. Pretty crazy stuff. Curious as to what your thoughts are. Where does Habitat fit into all of this? It hasn’t really been made clear if Rob’s trying for all of DNA or just Alien? Is there anything you can tell us yet?
I think it’s pretty amazing. I don’t know too much about the particulars right now but what I think is gonna happen is that Rob is buying everything back from Burton. So that includes Habitat. It’s really amazing because these are clearly some rough financial times and even the most legit respected companies are barely eeking by. Rob is obviously doing pretty well for himself so to give back to Chris Carter and Mike Hill in this way is incredible. Dyrdek has been with those guys since he was a young kid… he was with Alien when it was just an idea. There’s such a familial vibe and tons of respect between all of those guys.

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