Chromeball Interviews Pat Duffy

Yo Pat, you gotta elaborate on this musical project you’re currently doing with Rob Welsh. Thrasher has you guys booked for a set at this year’s South By Southwest. What’s that all about?
The way it happened is that I drove up to the Foundation premiere with Dave Sypniewski from Thrasher. We were rapping about all kinds of different stuff and I mentioned that Rob and I had been playing together a lot… just acoustic-style, jamming country covers or whatever. I didn’t really think anything about it but he ends up hitting me up about doing something at South by Southwest.

Thrasher does that thing where they set-up a mini ramp and a bar and put on shows every night. The idea was to have us play a set on the last day as they tear the ramp down, just a mellow daytime set for when everybody is shot to hell.

I was into it and ol’ Welsh was down. We’re gonna get up there and suck. Butcher a few country tunes and call it a day. But I don’t mind putting myself out there like that. I’ll get up there and suck and not care about it. If somebody tells me that I suck… well, I never said that I was good.
We’re trying to get a drummer, too. Hopefully Ryan Gallant is going to play drums for us. He’s really good.

Does this band have a name yet?
Right now, it’s Patman and Robin. I want to dress up like Batman and Robin and wear cowboy hats but there’s no way I’m gonna get Rob to do that with me.

That would be incredible. You gotta talk him into that.
We’ll see. I’ll keep trying.

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