Copenhagen Pro Weekend Photo Blast

Words & Photos: Jaime Owens

While some of the Skateboarder staff including Jonathan Mehring, Roger Bagley and myself were on a European Skullcandy trip with Eric Koston and Theotis Beasley, we spent a few days in Copenhagen for the contest. Here’s just a few snap shots from an excellent weekend featuring Evan Smith, Ishod Wair, Eric Koston, Brad Staba, Austyn Gillette, Lance Mountain, Braydon Szafranski and more. Also check back soon for a full recap of the Skullcandy trip as well.

Evan Smith, wallie backside noseblunt slide

Austyn Gillette, kickflip

Ishod Wair, 360 flip

Theotis Beasley, kickflip backside tailslide

Evan Smith, backside Smithgrind

Staba won this Koston Skullcandy shirt from Eric after a game of SKATE.

I suggested that he could fuck his Koston’s mouth now and so he pushed through his hairy gum sack.

Extreme close-up. Looks like Koston is blowing a bubble.

Ran into Braydon Szafranski and Chima Ferguson. Then I had Braydon get his picture with a lot more people below.

Jani and Braydon

Shane and Braydon

Mikey and Braydon

Lance and Braydon

Ali Boulala and Braydon

Fake Nyjah was there.

Dennis with his fam.

Austyn Gillette, frontside 180 over and into the bank.

Rune, frontside air way over there…see him…way over there.

Lance, Indy air

Lance, invert

Zach Miller, frontside air

Brad McClain is a fucking ripper. Congrats to him for winning the bowl contest. Click here to see his runs.

Crowd getting ready for the Ring of Spitfire

Austyn skating through the crowd

Ishod, 360 flip

Click here to see Jonathan Mehring’s photos from the CPH PRO.