Corey Duffel and Ambig Part Ways

Professional skateboarding contracts seems like such a conundrum to me, but I suppose enough people have been burned by oral contracts that getting things down on paper has become a necessity in today’s age of million dollar shoe deals and the random introductions of uber corporate non-endemics dipping into our kiddie pool.

So today brought word that Ambig and Corey Duffel would be parting ways due to an inability to come to an agreement regarding his contract. Best of luck to both parties.

Here’s what the press release had to say:
Upon negotiations for 2012 Ambig Clothing was unwilling to strike an agreeable deal with Corey Duffel and we have parted ways.

We thank him for his years of service and wish him the best in the future.

We are pursuing new Pro’s / AM’s and are currently in negotiations with potential new riders.

Those announcements will come as they are locked down.