CPH Pro Levi’s BBQ and Best Trick Contest PHOTOS

Photos: Jonathan Mehring and Aaron Smith

Levi’s started the final Copenhagen Pro contest off with a best trick contest in front of Circus Circus in Copenhagen, Demark. People filled the streets, everyone was drinking and having a good time. Lots of gnarly stuff went down. Check out the photo below from the action and also CHECK THE VIDEO HERE.

Al Partanen and Chet Childress starting off the day in Copenhagen with a pull through the street.

Levi’s jeans and some Mehring photo from India in Circus Circus.

Levi’s and more photos from India.

Al Partanen with Bangalore Skateria.

Tim Zom blasting a kickflip from bank to bank over the quarter.

Luan Oliveira tuck knee.

Josh Matthews grinds while Chet supplies the beer.

Silas and Josh Matthews.

Chet and Ramondetta.

The boys from India.


Arto in the midst of the crowed.

Free food for the good people of Copenhagen.

Luan 360 flip. He did this about 5 times. So insane!

Luan hardflip.

Luan getting the first of many $100 dollar bills.

Silas front blunt.

Silas massive frontside flip.

The crazies bail ever. Ishod literally leap frogged Luan.

Ishod stoked he didn’t just die after running into Luan.

Ishod frontside 360. That’s insane!

Marius massive backside flip.

Marius with a few $100 dollar bills.

The contest was coming to an end and some random little kid did a 50-50 to lipslide down the bank and won the last $100 dollar bill. It was sick!

He was so stoked!

More from Copenhagen coming soon!