Cuates Invades Long Beach

Posted by: John Bradford

Just a quick post with some photos of last nights Cuates show here in Long Beach. Leo’s band entertained at the Pike bar packed with all the homies from the neighborhood. Fun night out, we’re all paying for it today…


Leo sets up

Dakota Servold reps Leo’s new shirt

Provost shows up

Matt Bennett and the lovely Tes

Levi Brown slides in next to Collin

Dan Rogers vs a lemon wedge

Brian Gaberman and Jeff Henderson aka Jettyalanhendo

Show gets under way

Tes gets in there…

Leo, solo style

Blake leaves the Red Room. Griffin and Harmony hang out.

Good times

Slight tunage

Mike Lopez aka Trast

Roaming cordless mic style

Assistant TM or assistant to the… Griffin Collins and Grant

Dakota and Jared brostyle

Ryan Spencer and his lady

Joshua Harmony

ragin’, full on

breaking down after the show

Post show congrats, brostyle

The reason I feel the way  I do today

Somehow we ended up back at Collin’s new place

Lets get a better look at that wall…

The last photo on my camera from the night… it was a fun one. Congrats to Cuates.