Curren Caples’ 16th Birthday Party Bash At The Vans Skatepark

Words & Photos: Jaime Owens
Geoff Rowley invited us out to Curren Caples 16th birthday skate jam at the Vans skatepark this past Friday. Most of the Flip team was there including Louie Lopez, Andrew Langi, Lance Mountain and some friends including David Loy, Shawn Hale, Ryan Reyes and more showed up for some shredding. Check out just a few photos from the night and check back later this week for a full video recap.

Geoff and Curren.

Curren, frontside air.

After bodyslamming Curren face-first into his birthday cake, David Loy got some action on the mini-ramp with this frontside air.

Greyson Fletcher just happened to be at the park skating. He had everyone from Geoff to Lance amazed at his transitional assault. This is how he does his one-foots; stylish and effortless.

Greyson sails over a back Smithing David Loy.

Neal Hendrix blasting big backside airs is always fun to watch.

Mr. Lance Mountain had everyone’s attention. Thanks to to all the guys at Flip for a fun night of skating.