Daily Film Blog 02.09.2012 – Bootleg Leo

Posted by: John Bradford

Okay, the tricks this guy warms up with, and that end up on the cutting room floor so to speak, amaze me constantly. If you only knew what Leo’s done that he didnt want to use for video parts, interviews or ads… well it might not surprise you given what he does use for such things… It like a Bob Dylan thing, if you’re a Dylan fan you know that the bootleg stuff that didnt make it onto the albums could make another career’s worth of work (maybe even two, three, or four careers). I hope one day Leo puts out his bootlegs… Books of photos that never got run, countless video parts that you’ll wonder why you never saw the footage anywhere… Below is one such example.

A bootleg front board, a long mellow aluminum one… the sketchiest kind.

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