Daily FIlm Blog 04.05.2012 Austyn Crossed

Posted by: John Bradford

Sadly, to me at least, I’ve been shooting more and more digital. I’m not a purist who is above the convenience of the CCD chip. After all, instant photos have been desired since the beginning. Polaroids weren’t always just for hipsters if you can remember… Anyway, that being said I still do my best to bring my film camera with me when skating, to try and get a few different options if the photo isn’t demanded right away.  The photo below, from the current issue of Skateboarder , is one of those cases when  there was a little bit of time to get the photo processed and scanned before the interview was due. If you’re interested in the technical details, its cross processed and a polarizing filter was used to darken the sky.  As our art director Chris Bywater will attest to, you can accomplish all that in photoshop, but whats the fun in that???

Austyn Gillette, switch backside kickflip

See the rest of Austyn’s interview in the current issue of Skateboarder HERE. Get it for you Ipad.

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