Daily Film Blog 04.09.2012 Retro Dylan Rieder post

Posted by: John Bradford

When our site got a much needed update and redesign about a year back, it was supposed to import all of the content from the old site to the new. The problem is it did a really shitty job importing the old pages. The images got sized weird, they got pulled without the captions, and some didnt make it at all… I figured why not go through my old posts and repost as they were meant to be seen. So Monday’s are gonna be my retro post day if you’re interested. Thursday I’ll have new content up. Basically check back a couple times a week for some new stuff and old favorites. Hopefully before too long I’ll have it back up to daily status.

This one was my first Daily Film Blog post, back at a time when it really was daily… Mindfield filming day with Greg Hunt, Dylan Rieder, Jon Goeman and Arto Saari. I believe Steve Forstner was there too.

Long haired Dylan by the dirty water. Very dirty water…

Arto and Goeman both had brand new puppies…

Greg Hunt and Dylan battling it out

Goeman and his new best friend

Yep, Forstner was there… grabbing his friend’s board for him.

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