Daily Film Blog 04.16.2012 Sammy Baca

Posted by: John Bradford

So if you missed last weeks retro post, I’m reposting some older posts now on Mondays because they got discombobulated when we had our site redesigned about a year ago… So for now, check back on Thursdays for new content, and Mondays for old favorites…

This week’s retro post is from a Vegas filming mission with the Converse guys to go shoot with Sammy Baca. On the night we tried to drive out, we got turned back due to snow in the Cajon Pass and we had to head out the next morning across a snow covered Mojave desert, a rare site if you’re familiar with the usually dry area.

Snowy I-15 on the way out to Vegas

Sammy Baca, ollie wallride ollie back in

Flatground sesh at Desert Breeze park

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