Daily Film Blog 04.13.2011

Posted by John Bradford

This is a still of a trick that ran as a sequence a while back. I believe it was the contents spread for the issue of Austyn’s interview. Memorable to me because of the slam Austyn took trying this trick. In what is opposite to standard protocol, we got the sequence first, and Austyn said he could do it again for the still. I think I shot the sequence first because at the time I thought it would be hard to tell he was landing and riding behind that lightpole on the opposite bank. But anyway, he goes for the ollie again and on the second attempt, gets wheel bite on the way down the bank and falls straight to his head from the very top. I’ll never forget the moan he let out when he hit the ground. Seriously, it will be stuck in my head forever. He gashed open his eyebrow and was whisked away to the emergency room while I broke down my flashes, with the image of him face planting the parkinglot pavement playing over and over in my head. If you ever meet Austyn, the scar over his right eye is from this day.

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