Daily Film Blog 05.03.2012 Nick and Ju

Posted by: John Bradford

Element dropped their am video: Future Nature (available now on itunes) this week and if you havent seen it, its a banger. Its a short (about 30 minute), clean, and heavy hitting video with some of the best am’s out. This isn’t a video review though… Watching the video made me think of the joint interview that I shot with Nick Garcia and Julian Davidson a while back. Being that it was all shot on film (except for one sequence) it makes a perfect candidate for a post here. So scroll below to remember a bangin interview with two of the stars of Future Nature:

The into/portrait was shot with a large format 4×5 film camera, which, some may say, digital photography has yet to rival the quality of…

Left above: Nick Garcia, straight up pole jammy. Right: Julian Davidson, fakie heelflip

Left above: Julian, dipped back smith through the kink. Right: Nick, switch noseblunt to revert

Nick, nosegrind through the knobs.

Above left: Julian, backside heelflip. Right: Nick, ollie into the bank (and if you’ve seen the video: to a mouthfull of sewer water)

Julian, 5050 a UCI monster…

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