Daily Film Blog 05.31.2012 Colt Bowden

Posted by: John Bradford

This one is of my good friend Colt Bowden, who was rising through the flow ranks at Toy Machine and then Stereo back around 2003 or so as I was cutting my teeth at Skateboarder… He’s one of those dudes who always did something awesome. His trick choice and style were constantly on point and he always had a unique spot to skate when he called me up. Anyway since then he’s become a really talented artist. He’s done art for Yo Gabba Gabba among other rad things, and most recently did a board series for Stereo. Some of the photos we shot back in the day are still some of my favorite that I have shot and below is one such example. Here’s to a long time friend that I couldn’t be more proud of…

Colt Bowden, curb cut hydrant nose blunt slide

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