Daily Film Blog 06.04.2012 Daniel Shimizu and an abandoned Balinese gator pit

Posted by: John Bradford

Today’s Monday retro post features Daniel Shimizu and a sketchy abandoned amusement park in Bali. Original text below:

Last year on an Insight trip to Bali, we had some down time and did some exploring. We heard about an abandoned amusement park with an alligator pit so we went to check it out, ignoring the fact that the whole thing sounded incredibly sketchy. We found it and weren’t disappointed.

Shimizu wanders the overgrown amusement park, trying to find the gator pit.

… found it…

We brought chickens to throw in and feed the beasts.

This guy won the battle

Smoke break

Kids in front of the abandoned park

Back at the car. We were glad to get out of there when the sun went down.

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