Daily Film Blog 06.28.2012 Brostyle

Posted by: John Bradford

So hopefully you’ve visited our “Quest for the Cover” feature, which has a photo gallery and video from the trip out to shoot Daniel Lutheran’s cover for the current issue of Skateboarder. Here in this Daily Film Blog post are some film incidentals captured on an old trusty AE1 that I brought along on the trip. If you’ve heard of the new accessories company Brostyle, it was born on this trip, so it was the first official Brostyle trip by all accounts.

On the road again… ABQ bound

Brostyle for days. Danlu and Leo

One of the Brostyle head honchos, Griffin Collins

Not brostyle

Back it

Big boy aka Jlay

Literal brostyle. Andrew Lutheran

Brostyle snowball fight at Rowley’s compound

The view

Brostyle is born. Epic crew.

Go to our Quest for the Cover page to see tons of skate photos and a video from the trip. Good stuff.

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