Daily Film Blog 07.12.2012 Special Skate Photo Post

Posted by: John Bradford

For today’s post I dug through my files for some of the bread and butter of what we do every day, just going out and skating. Below are some film flicks from random sessions that I thought looked cool for whatever reason. Enjoy.

Leo Romero, frontside kickflip from one of the first times we went skating. Somewhere in Pomona. Oh how time fly’s…

Justin Figueroa, kickflip. We had run into Geoff Rowley randomly one day and he told us he had just driven by this spot in Long Beach, so we went and checked it out and Figgy got this trick. We tried to go back a few days later and the spot had been torn out. Sometimes you just get lucky.

Johnny Layton, nose blunt slide. Joe Krolick took us to this picturesque spot in Sunset Beach. Couldnt have been set up better for photos late in the day.

David Reyes, frontside feeble. David was one of the last ones to skate this classic Long Beach spot before they did a hell of a knob job on it. Davids been on a tear lately to look out for some new things he’s got coming soon…

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