Daily Film Blog 10.18.2012 Danny Garcia aka Reverend Baron

Posted by: John Bradford

You ever have one of those friends who is naturally good at whatever they do? Well Danny Garcia is one of those dudes. An amazing skateboarder since the City Stars days, Danny’s been dabbling with all things musical lately… He’s played in Matt Costa’s band for a while now and now has his own album out, which I ran across the other day and I’ve got to say its quality is on par with his skating. Below are a couple photos of Danny and a link to buy his album in I-Tunes if you’re so inclined to check it out. You wont be disappointed.

Backside Noseblunt transfer in his home town of Brea

Seattle switch crooks

Reverend Baron emerging

Check out Danny’s album here. He goes by Reverend Baron, album cover Polaroid’s by Raymond Molinar

Check back next Thursday for more film photos!

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