Daily Film Blog 11.29.2012 Austyn Gillette Learns Switchflips

Posted by: John Bradford

This photo of Austyn has always been memorable to me because as I pulled up to meet him at Liberty one day, Austyn was rolling around the parking lot struggling to learn switch kickflips. He said he had never done one and after a little while of trying he pulled a couple sketchy ones and we decided to hit the streets. We get to this gap over sidewalk and fire hydrant and Austyn ollies it, then switch ollies it, and then 4 or 5 tries later nails the perfect switchflip depicted in the photo below. He went from struggling on flat ground to a really good spot in about 5 tries, and ended up pulling it with ease. With that kind of learning curve its no wonder he’s gotten to where he is now…

Austyn Gillette, switch kickflip: learned.

Check back next Thursday for more film photos!

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