Daily Film Blog 12.20.2012 Best of 2012 Part 1

Posted by: John Bradford

Well all good things come to an end… and 2012 is no different. In this post we’ll look back at the year of Daily Film Blog posts, which should be more aptly named weekly film blog but what are you gonna do? So scroll down below and peep the best of 2012 photos, film style. Merry Christmas!

Brandon Westgate, monster tre flip at night

Mike Anderson, 5050 across and down at golden hour

Someone just ABD’d this but Cooper Wilt did it years back. Frontside wallride the corner pocket before the crete was there to help.

One man’s throwaway is another man’s… well you get the picture. Leo’s got a ton of “I dont want to use that” photos that could make another skaters career… Front board on a sketch aluminum rail.

Brian Lotti at 7th. I had just fallen skating into the school with my gear, broke a camera and a lens and this photo made the day a little better for me…

A photo of young Julian Davidson from a past RVCA trip. 360 flip in Indiana somewhere…

Daryl Angel, backside overcrook. There are some places you cant squeeze without a hassleblad 30mm lens…

Austyn Gillette, switch backside flip in the desert. Filters and processing effects where you can just photoshop them now… but whats the fun in that?

Eric Fletcher, kickflip from when he stayed on my couch a few years back. He’s killing it on LE right now.

Andrew Brophy, kickflip from before he was a dad.

Nick “Brass” Boserio from a trip to OZ

A spread from Nick Garcia and Julian Davidson’s joint interview. Nick, pole jam straight up, and Julian, fakie heel

Colt Bowden, noseblunt. One of my favorite photos from back in the day.

And we’ll end this one with Aaron Suski, back tail on the rail he broke.

Check back next Thursday for another best of post from this year, all film photos of course. Merry Christmas!

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