Daily Film Blog 12.27.2012 Best of 2012 part 2

Posted by: John Bradford

Part 2 of the “best of” Daily Film Blog posts for 2012. Enjoy some film photos from posts this year while you endure the mental hangover that Xmas can sometimes bring…

Happy Holidays!

David Reyes, 5-0. One of my favorite photos of this lil dude. I owe Leo and David both a print of this one… Its coming guys.

Mikey Taylor, wooptydoo feebs.

Congrats to this guy

Figgy, kickflip

Westgate, back lip in Miami

Happy accident double exposure. Nick T and Neen

Leo, fence ollie


Austin Stephens, kickflip where the skate stoppers made the spot cooler…

Trevor Colden, switchflip

Clint Peterson, wallie into danger

Leo again, this time front blunt

Dylan Rieder, fakieflip over the rail

Anthony Pappalardo, 5050 in the rain on a bus

Danny Garcia, aka Reverend Baron, backside noseblunt slide transfer

Nick Garcia, back smith to ditch bomb

Angel Ramirez, front blunt

Dakota Servold, front feeble

Collin Provost, barley on the chrome dip

Peabody at pedro under construction

Color coordinated Jlay mellon

Check back next Thursday for more film photos. Happy new year!

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