Daily Film Blog 01.27.2011 – Behind the Scenes of the Video Days shoot.

Posted by: John Bradford

So its been awhile since I’ve done a Film Blog post. Sorry. But with the new site up and running I’ll be getting it going again. Today’s post is from the Video Days shoot from the new issue of Skateboarder which is on news stands now. To tell you the truth I was a little jealous of Jaime Owens when he told me he’d be shooting the Video Days guys for the article. He’s usually the one holding everything together down in the office while photographers like me and Mehring are out and about shooting what needs to be shot. Plus, I’m of an age where I grew up in the ’90’s (like Jaime), and can vividly remember the earth figuratively shaking when Video Days first dropped. I have a 2 decade old nervous tick of starting to whistle the John Coletrane song from Gonz’ part, which often reminds me of how many times I watched it before and after school, and on the weekends before I went skating…  so I of course started drooling over the shoot when I first heard it was coming together. Anyway I digress. As the shoot happened I tagged along to be a fly on the wall (and to help out where I could) while these dudes all got together for the first time in many years to reminice about how they innocently and unwhittingly changed skateboarding forever. My jealousy of Jaime instantly faded and the day became one of my favorite days of my career to date, just given who was in the room and what they were all collectively there to celebrate. So, while Jaime got all digital and shot the spread for the article, I shot off a couple rolls of film from the background. A few excerpts from the shoot below:

Jaime Owens in the act, shooting the original bLind team in the car

Guy telling stories

The Gonz... que the Coletrane.

From left: Jordan Richter, Mark Gonzales, Skateboarder Editor Jaime Owens, Guy Mariano, Jason Lee and Rudy Johnson

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