Dan Plunkett Exclusive Web Interview

Exclusive Web Interview with Dan Plunkett
Interview & Photos by: Ryan Flynn

What are you into right now?
Album: reggae shuffle on the ipod
Breakfast: bacon,egg and cheese bagel and smoothie
Lunch: black blocks games of skate
Dinner: fellinis and a frosty yeast soda
Video: Jacks part in traffic video is off the charts
Spot: downtown ATL at night with the homies
City: san francisco is tight

How do you feel about these photos basically being deemed “throwaways”?
That means they suck, right?

Do you abide by the phrase ‘if you scuff ‘um, fuck ‘um, chuck’um’?
if you scuff em fuck it skate em

After a few trips here to Atlanta you just up and moved here. What makes you think we even wanted you here?
Fuck it player

You have short legs and a long torso, is that why it’s easy for you to hop on and off stuff real quick?
These questions are funny as shit

You have a yahoo email address, do you know about Google?
Never heard of it

Seemingly a fairly technically savvy dude, I know you use your girlfriends iPod Touch, how come I don’t ever see you do tech manual tricks?
Because they take way to long to land

All these questions are just to form a reason to put these photos on the web. Do you think people give two shits what you say?
I don’t think anybody is going to read this shit anyway.

A year ago you totaled your Jeep. Did you go to Taggarts driving school?
Taaaaaaaaggarts! I wish.

If there was a cellar door spot in Atlanta is that where we would be able to find you?
You would if it was in the middle of a marble full pipe….these answers suck, but so do the questions.