Daniel Lutheran Tuesday 25

Feeble grind
Photo: John Bradford

1. Warm up trick:
Five-0 below coping but make a grind sound with thy mouth

2. Question to be asked at a demo:
Wanna bed my sisters?

3. Convenient store purchase:
Salt n vinegar chips

4. Beverage:
Coffee or espresso

5. Food:
Buffalo wings candy and salt vinegar chips

6. Musical act:
Dylan or Lennon

7. Movie:
Dumb and Dumber

8. Quote:
“Embrace the insanity”

9. Simpsons character:
Andrew Lutheran

10. Thing about Long Beach:
My friends, the beach and Taqueria

11. Thing about New Mexico:
My family, my home, the food and the land

12. Thing to get for free:
Coffee or socks

13. Interview question:
Shout outs?

14. Favorite Ed story:
Me and Ed share naked photos of babes regularly. That’s pretty cool right there, haha. The start of it goes as so: once at the dinner table with Deanna and the Toy family, he said to start sending him hot girls but keep it on the DL from Deanna ’cause they share a phone or something. So right there I send a welcoming essential stacked slide show to his phone. Moments later his shit starts buzzing on the table in front of us all. Ed lags, Deanna picks up the phone, checks the message and in the sweetest little voice says “Oh my ! I think this is for you Edward.” We got caught first try. I suppose its a had to be there sorta story, ha ha.

15. Skatepark:
La Cueva park, Abq NM

16. Current am:
Gilbert Crockett

17. Pro of all time:
Rowley and Reynolds

18. Board graphic:
Reynolds Scooby Doo

19. Skate video:
The End

20. Video part:
Reynolds, The End

21. Song from a skate video:
T Rex via Matt B or Queen/Bowie via Heath

22. Place you’ve traveled to:
Home or space

23. Long Beach resident:
Matt Bennett

24. Person to travel with:
Andrew, Leo and Sinclair

25. Thing about skateboarding:
F r e e d o m

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