Daniel Lutheran’s surprise cover party

Posted by John Bradford

Danlu’s been on a tear lately, and the brand new issue of Skateboarder is proof of that. He knows he has an interview coming out, but somehow we were able to keep it under wraps that he was getting his first cover too. So when the advance copies of the new magazine showed up to the office we hatched a little plan to get all of the homies over to Collin Provost’s house in Long Beach for a little surprise cover party. We got him… We got him good.

He’s handed the box… and with it his very first cover.

Literal brostyle… Dan’s brother Andrew made it on the cover too.

All the bro’s jumped right into Dan’s interview.

Toy Machine camera man Kevin Barnett and Joshua Harmony.

Ryan Spencer.

David Reyes approves

Matt B instantly grams it

Assistant (to the) Vans TM Griffin Collins

“oh… he’s grinding DOWN it…”

What are we grilling?

Pink slime





Collin relaxes in his new yard

Griffin’s on the new shit


Collin builds

Marquise shows up

and off to the bar…


Cuates Chris

Risking teeth

Somehow we crashed a birthday party…

Someone got tagged

After that its all a blur… Congrats to cover man Daniel Lutheran. Pick up his interview when it comes out!