Question Authority | Darrell Stanton

Hey, Darrell,

Man, I’ve been digging your skating since the Real tour videos. That shit is on VHS, and I still throw them in all the time. I just wanted to blow you up and see how you’ve been lately. You had a tight part in that Element vid, but that was a minute ago. What you got going right now? You been traveling at all? You got any big interviews or video parts coming up? Are you still homies with Scott Kane? What’s good, my man?

Curtis Johnston
Wilkes Barre, PA

Well, Curtis,

Let me start off by sayin’ thanks for giving the time of day to even write me. I’ve been doing great, thanks for asking. I love skateboarding! I’ve been traveling and filming a bunch lately. I’ve even done a few contests, which, if you know me through skating, is a big change for me. I’ve been in the offices a lot lately bugging the higher ups all the time for you guys. Trying to give my best effort in letting my sponsors know what I’m into for ya. Shit, man, just livin’, tryin’ to make it do what it do. Ya dig? There should be an Element teaser vid coming soon for you to peep some footy. Also, look out for the Volcom NYC trip on FuelTV and also Nigel Alexander’s film coming soon. I try not to over-saturate the game with nonsense footy and photos and keep the skating up to par. Quality rules any day. I like to keep people looking for me. LOL.

Other than filming, I’ve been kicking it with my friends. Still skating with Scott “Scooter” Kane almost every day. He’s a busy man nowadays. I’ve been helping him get his skateshop going in Huntington Beach. We chill all the time. It’s called Skate Gardens, but I think he wants to change the name. I told him “The House Of Kane” sounds dope, but I don’t think he was feelin’ it. It’s on Beach Blvd. in Huntington Beach if you ever want to check it out. They will most likely be watching Belly in there and setting up skateboards.

Thanks again for your time, Curtis. I hope this letter find you well. Happy skateboarding and keep a look out for my shit! Thanks a millions. Safe
—Darrell Stanton