DC Common Bond Shoes: Bondo Landau S

DC presents the second installment to the DC Skate “Common Bond” Series, the Bondo Landau S. Skateboarding has always been a universal language and for many it’s what ties otherwise unlikely people together, forging a common bond. The Landau S, was inspired by all the love for Bondo, a two-part putty that’s original intent was to be used to repair automobiles. With its fast drying durability, skaters quickly adopted Bondo to repair cracks and ledges to help make the skate spots skate-able. The Landau’s Grey colorway represents the color of Bondo before it’s mixed. DC designers used a premium cracked suede full grain leather on the Landau to replicate concrete, and red swirls on the sole of the shoe to represent when hardener is mixed in with Bondo. Traditional DC Super Suede™ was used on the toecap to finish off the shoe, helping it to last longer and skate better.

To celebrate the release of the Common Bond #2: Landau S, DC has put together a video featuring skate team riders Chris Cole, Matt Miller, Josh Kalis and Marquise Henry. Check the above to check out the video to hear the guys discussing the Landau S and their common bond with Bondo.

The Bondo Landau S is a limited edition shoe only available thru the following select DC retailers.