DC King of Chicago is this Weekend

DC is getting ready to head out for DC King of Chicago, with the goal of crowning the best unpaid, unsigned am on October 10-11. With just a few days until the start of the contest, here’s the essential, must-know info:

* DC will crown the top un-signed amateur skateboarder in Chicago and those who qualified through contests all over the US
* The spot is Roberto Clemente High, located at 1147 N Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60622-2931
* Day 1: Ledges, manny pads and benches
* Day 2: Gap spot and handicap ramp
* DC is making improvements to all the spots. After the contest, DC will leave the spots better than they found them. It’s DC gift to you, Chicago skateboarders.
* For those of you skating, registration is at 11 AM both Saturday and Sunday
* For those of you watching, the contest starts at 1 PM both Saturday and Sunday
* For those of you not in the Chicago area,
dcshoes.com/king is the place for the daily photos and in-depth recaps. Also get info on the invited riders and the contest as a whole.
* Overall purse: $10,000