DC Premiere of Static III

Static 3 Washington DC Premiere At Palace 5ive Skateshop

What a way to end an intense work week! Static 3 went down at Palace 5ive Skateshop on a poppin Friday night in Washington DC. Thanks to Palace 5ive owner greg Greg, manager Craig and the rest of the guys at the shop for playing host. Kevin O’dell took care of AV duties and the whole thing went off proper. Special thanks to Victor at Redbull for sending some Redbull chicas into the mix. Among those in attendance were DC legends Chris Hall, Brian Tucci and Jimmy Pelletier. The video started and things went off.
Many loud applause booms could be heard. It looked like the crowd favorite for Chocolate City may of been Tony Manfre’s part, although the DC tricks of course got some shouts. After Static 3, DC’s own Rory Sheridan premiered his new ‘Behind The Griptape’
episode starring Zach Lyons, which produced some hearty laughs amongst the crowd. Following the video hoopla, those over 21 migrated down the 14th street corridor to Bar Pilar, where Steve Teagues went into overdrive mode serving up drinks. All in all a dope night, Washington DC has a special place in its heart for Josh Stewart’s Static amalgamation, looking forward to getting this bad boy on DVD for some winter time inspiration!

Contributor / Photos and words- KJ5000 (aka Keir Johnson)

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