DC King of New York

The King of New York

DC Takes over NYC for a month straight

1 Month. 5 Boroughs. 1 King of New York. For the month of September DC will be setting up shop in NYC to do a series of skate contests.

The goal? To crown the King of New York.

There will be five contests spread over three weekends held at legit spots in each of the 5 boroughs of New York City — Stanton Island @ ABC Ledges, Brooklyn @ John Dewey High, Queens @ Flushing Meadows, The Bronx @ Rafael Hernandez Academy, and Manhattan @ Brooklyn Banks.

Each contest will be in a jam format limited to approximately 50 amateurs that will pre-qualify and qualify the morning of the event. The winner of each borough wins cash and prizes and the competitor with the most accumulated points after all five contest wins the Grand Prize and is crowned the King of New York.

During the month the DC team will be kickin