December/January 2012 Issue

Silas-Baxter Neal, frontside flip over the wall
“For years, I’ve heard about this epic quarterpipe spot in Corvallis, Oregon. The spot is in the middle of a sewage-processing plant, which has earned it the nickname “The Shit Factory.” So that brown stuff you see on the walls, yeah, that’s pure shit. Also, Silas’ mom was actually the concrete finisher for the whole sewage plant. Ironically, I guess she’s been telling him to go and skate there for years. The first time I went there, a plant worker called the cops on us and got us all arrested. Months later, Silas, Brennan Conroy and I went back on Labor Day weekend and got the photo with no police intervention. It takes a dedicated skateboarder to roll around in this filth, and Silas put down one hell of a frontside flip.”—Garric Ray, photo

Click here for exclusive video of this trip.
Words & Photos: John Bradford

Words & Photos: Jason Hainault

Words & Photos: Jonathan Mehring | Click HERE for outtakes from the trip

30 Squawk Box
The news and other gossip.

34 Giveaway

36 And Another Thing
Anthony Schultz

38 Viewfinder
Arto Saari

40 In & Out
Kevin Romar

42 Skate Anatomy
Rick McCrank

44 Memory Screened
Jamie Thomas

46 Face Off
Daniel Lutheran vs Collin Provost

48 Lost and Found
Sal Barbier

84 Who’s Hot
Nick Boserio, Tyler Pacheco, Oscar Meza & Sewa Kroetkov

92 15 Things
You didn’t know about Habitat