Dew Tour | Toyota Challenge Street Results

Chaz is Champ in Salt Lake City


Chaz Ortiz wins AST Dew Tour Skateboard Park event and Adam Jones Wins freestyle motocross event at Toyota Challenge in Salt Lake City

SALT LAKE CITY – In front of the largest single day crowd in AST Dew Tour history, Chaz Ortiz won his first ever professional skateboard park event and Adam Jones won the freestyle motocross event in the Toyota Challenge. Today’s competition drew a record 25,996 fans.

In what is considered the largest crowd in skateboard park history, fourteen-year old Chaz Ortiz won the event while competing in his rookie season.

Chicago’s Ortiz went trick for trick with three-time defending Dew Cup champion Ryan Sheckler and the athletes were tied after their first runs. Sheckler, of San Clemente, Calif. surpassed Ortiz with his second run, but it was the 7-minute jam session that decided the win.

Ortiz executed a kickflip frontside boardside and kickflip out on the rail and earned 93.05. Sheckler was second with a score of 90.00 and Brazilian Rodolfo Ramos was third at 85.90.

“I landed all the tricks I wanted to,” Ortiz said. “After my first run I was feeling pretty confidant. I just wanted to get top three and obviously the results were better than I thought. I’m feeling good. I’m super happy. I guess today was my day.”

Sheckler gave Ortiz high fives between his runs and congratulated him on his first win of the AST Dew Tour season.

“We’re all friends,” Sheckler said. “If you’re not friends in skateboarding and you compete against these guys, there’s no future in it. It’s not a team sport but if you have fun with everyone, it makes it a lot easier. And we do, we all have fun together.”

Sheckler now leads the point standings at 338, but Ortiz is close behind with 330 points. Paul Rodriguez trails with 323 points, setting the stage for a close finale in Orlando to decide the Dew Cup winner.

AST Dew Tour-Toyota Challenge Results

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Salt Lake City

Skateboard Park Finals

1. Chaz Ortiz, Chicago, 93.05.
2. Ryan Sheckler, San Clemente, Calif., 90.00.
3. Rodolfo Ramos, Brazil, 85.90.
4. Greg Lutzka, Milwaukee, 84.75.
5. Carlos De Andrade, Brazil, 82.00.
6. Austen Seaholm, Anaheim, Calif., 81.60.
7. Danilo Do Rosario, Brazil, 79.75.
8. Paul Rodriguez, Tarzana, Calif., 79.50.
9. Tulio Oliveira, Brazil, 79.25.
10. Kurtis Colamonico, Long Beach, Calif., 78.75.

AST Dew Tour Current Standings

Skateboard Park Points

1. Ryan Sheckler, 338.
2. Chaz Ortiz, 330.
3. Paul Rodriguez, 323.
4. Greg Lutzka, 285.
5. Austen Seaholm, 240.
6. Rodolfo Ramos, 217.
7. Carlos De Andrade, 206.
8. Danilo Do Rosario, 162.
9. Fabrizio Santos, 161.
10. Chad Bartie, 152.

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